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We are a family-run company, which has been operation on the nursery market for 38 years. Our nursery is located in Żdżary near Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą in Grójec Region. The area of the nursery occupies 80 ha of our own land and 60 ha of the rented one. We produce top-grade fruit trees free from any diseases and viruses.

The area of the fruit tree nursery is 40 ha, that of the vegetative rootstocks - 14 ha, and of the butwood orchard - 4 ha. There is also 3 ha area where we conduct research and observe the groth of new varieties of apple-, pear- and cherry-trees.

We produce::

  • Fruit saplings: apple-trees, cherry-trees and pear-trees 90% of our production are two year old knipboom trees with an anual head (they are produced by means of the winter grafting and dormant eye). The rest 10% of our production is annual inoculators.
  • Vegetative rootstocks: M9, M26, M7, P60, Colt, Pigwa S1, Pigwa SN, Pigwa SB.
  • Rootstocks with a dormant eye and grafted ones
  • Scions for summer inoculation and winter grafting

We have a modern warehouse, technical and machine bases. Our nursery is irrigated, so we can obtain high quality products. We have a modern cold store, where we can store 350 thousand trees, 2 mln rootstocks and 1 mln thousand grafted rootstocks and with a dormant eye ones.

We cooperate with well-known nurseries in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy and the Czech Republic. We belong to the Polish Nurserymen Assosiation and the Assosiation for Development of Brachytic Orchards. Our company is a menber of the Group of Fruit Produsers RAJPOL. We also cooperate with the Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice, The researchers of the Institute use our nursery to conduct research of new cultivation technologies in nursery production and fruit growing.

We also select and cultivate new varieties. We have registrated in the Variety Register the following varieties of apples: Szampion Reno®, Reno2®Mutsu NK®Najdared®Golden Dream®Glosan®Zuzi Gala®(Gala  Selekt),  Sander®,  Vikto Red®, Muna®,  AJ-9®.

More information about our new varieties you can find on the website of AJAPPLE Breeders Group