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See how we work or how to produce fruit trees and vegetative rootstock:

Spring in the nursery of Andrzej and Szymon Nowakowski in Żdżary is the time when work the Fields starts.

Maiden trees, which spent the winter in the fields, are automatically pruned to a bud and later just above it. This work requires a lot of precision that is why the second stage is performed manually, in order not to hurt a precious bug. Pruning spot is protected.

Two year old nursery material is pruned at 60 cm to a so called knip. From a bud below we will later see a guide growing that in time will be surrounded with branches to become main structure of the tree. ...

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Growers opinions

The most important is customer satisfaction. Here is what growers think about our nursery material

This year I have bought sweet cherry trees. The trees are nice and worth the price. They already have buds, and I hope that soon begin to bear fruit. This year I will also buy in addition another batch of sweet cherry trees on Gisela.

Radek Skałecki

There are good trees and what is the most important for me in all bundles there are the same variety. I have planted and right away pour, because such trees need irrigation from the beginning.

Dawid Gajewski

There are so many shoots in the first sampling. The trees are good preserved, with no damage and no problems with delivery in spring. I buy the next red varieties of apples in the nursery.

Karol Snopkowicz


To change this fact, we established a breeding group, engaged in finding and promoting new varieties, mostly apples. The date of informal origin comes back to the nineties of the last century.